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Starting Sept 2019 we will be running weekly dance classes in Revolucion de Cuba in Reading Town Centre.

We will have a ‘soft opening’  (OPEN DAYS) starting from Wednesday 4 Sept.
The OPEN DAY lessons are a good why to learn a few moves, meet other dance minded people and to check out the teaching style of the instructors.

6:30 Intro to Salsa & Merengue -FREE CLASS*
*Just go to the bar, buy any drink and get a FREE CLASS VOUCHER! Arrive early to make sure you have enough time to get your drink and join the class!


–>Normal classes are FREE in Sept! Just buy a drink at the bar to get your voucher!<—
7:30 pm Level 1 – Beg 1

7:30 pm Level 3 – Intermediate 1

8:30 pm Level 2 – Beg 2

8:30 pm Level 4 – Intermediate 2

Level 5 – Semi Advanced
Level 6 – Semi Advanced/ Advanced

9:30 pm FREE Social Dance Night

We highly recommend attending your level. We are currently developing our syllabus to ensure not only fun but challenging classes. During the soft opening (also called OPEN DAYS) teachers will be easier who attends different LEVELS. HOWEVER once normal classes start we will be stricter on the levels. If you attend a class that is not your level you may be asked to attend another level.

We understand this is a newer concept to people who already dance in the Reading area. If taking dance classes is not your thing please feel free to just attend the free salsa social-open to EVERYONE!

Please be on the lookout for upcoming videos and even a PODCAST! In addition we are looking into online class booking software!


Other thoughts…
Simply taking 1 dance lesson per month at a party or taking just any ‘FREE’ lesson is not the most effective way of learning to dance SALSA. Learning to dance to the best of your ability can take a bit of time, but if you do the work now a whole world of possibility opens up. Not only is learning to dance salsa great for your social life, it has been proven time and time again that dance keeps people young both physically and mentally.

We believe anyone can learn to dance. We also believe in proper foundation. We do the work(but who says work can’t be fun!) in class and practice/play on the dance floor.

If you are on the fast track we highly recommend registering for a SALSA INTENSIVE COURSE, then moving onto weekly lessons and or private dance lessons.

There are many different dance instructors out there. Ideally you want to have an instructor that is highly experienced, friendly, continues their dance training, and knows what’s happening in the social dance world. We are still building our teaching team. Currently our main teachers are Jennifer Benavidez & Nicolai V. Both are international dance instructors each with over 20 years in the dance industry.