IN PERSON Weekly TUE Salsa Classes & Dance Practise Social in RISC Reading – 35-39 London Street
FREE DANCE SOCIALS in THE SUMMER! No need to register!


HOW TO PAY on App (or below) :
1. Go to Payments
2. Purchase either
A. 1 Class + Social = £8
B. 2 Class + Social = £13
3. Book Class(es) & Party
1. Go to Payments
2. ‘Purchase’ FREE Dance Socials in July & Aug
3. Go to Timetable, then Classes

1. Simply ‘Purchase’  Class Credits  then

2. Register for classes & party!

4 Teachers – 3 Rooms – 4 Levels

No Partner Needed!
Cross Body Lead (CBL) Salsa on1
During the Summer months of July & Aug the SOCIAL is FREE

7:00 Ladies Styling WARM-UP (starts in AUG) – Jennifer & the girls!
Ladies class is FREE for in Aug when attending the classes!

7:30pm Salsa Absolute Beginners 1 – Laura & Lina
7:30pm Salsa Improvers 1 – Jennifer (in Aug)
7:30pm Intermediate  1 – Nicolai

8:30pm Salsa Beginners 2 – Laura & Lina
8:30pm Salsa Improvers 2 – Jennifer (in Aug)
8:30pm Intermediate  2 – Nicolai

9:30pm – 11pm Salsa Dance Practice £5  FREE for the summer!

Classes are £8 for 1 or £13 for 2 (must be appropriate levels!)
Dance Social £5  FREE in July & Aug!

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Weekly classes at Rev de Cuba Reading are POSTPONED until further notice.

However, we do run INTENSIVE Dance-in-a-Day Courses where you can learn all your basics in a day.

Click here to find out more.


Thoughts concerning your dance journey
Simply taking 1 dance lesson per month at a party or taking just any ‘FREE’ lesson is not the most effective way of learning to dance SALSA. Learning to dance to the best of your ability can take a bit of time, but if you do the work now a whole world of possibility opens up. Not only is learning to dance salsa great for your social life, it has been proven time and time again that dance keeps people young both physically and mentally.

We believe anyone can learn to dance. We also believe in proper foundation. We do the work(but who says work can’t be fun!) in class and practice/play on the dance floor.

If you are on the fast track we highly recommend registering for a SALSA INTENSIVE COURSE, then moving onto weekly lessons and or private dance lessons.

There are many different dance instructors out there. Ideally you want to have an instructor that is highly experienced, friendly, continues their dance training, and knows what’s happening in the social dance world. Some of our teachers like Jennifer Benavidez & Nicolai V. are both are international dance instructors each with over 25 years EACH in the dance industry.