Can I really Learn to dance?
LEVEL? What Level should I start?
FOLLOW vs LEAD vs COUPLE Course Registration

CAN I REALLY LEARN TO DANCE? Our 30+ years of experience has shown us anyone can learn to dance with TIME, EFFORT and GOOD INSTRUCTION. Add a bit of FUN and PATIENCE (with oneself and each other) then you will be well on your way! Our beginner courses give you a strong foundation in your dance journey. 

PARTNER? You do not need a Partner to dance with us! BUT if you can convince a friend to join with you it will help us with LEAD/FOLLOW RATIOS in the classes. We offer DROP-IN classes, and courses. Sometimes ladies without partners will need to join a WAITLIST if a COURSE has too many follows registered. 

LEVEL? What Level should I start? If you: 1) have not taken a dance class 2) learned a few steps on holiday 2)took a few lessons a while ago 3)had a friend show you a few steps 4) attended parties but never really took a proper lesson.. Then we highly recommend you start with a Beginner 1 or Beginner 2 Class/Course.

IF you have mastered Right & Left Turns, CBL, CBL inside turn and outside turn..  then you are welcome to join the Improvers class. IF you are somewhere in the middle then try the Beginner 2 class. 

Our teachers Jennifer and Nicolai can help you find your class level, but please arrive between 7pm and 7:15 if youpm would like to discuss your level.

If you dance other latin styles like bachata for over year and want to learn salsa then we recommend a beginner intensive or 2-hour beginner progressive…  or private lessons.

FASTRACK? IF you want to learn to dance QUICKLY, attend the Sunday School Progressive classes, weekly classes and consider booking a private lesson

LOCATION? Tuesday Weekly Classes: RISC 35-39 London Street RG1 4PS UPSTAIRS
Follow side walkway to enter thru back of building.
Wednesday Weekly Classes: Revolucion de Cuba 138-141 Friar Street RG1 1EX
Sunday Daytime 1st & 3rd : Revolucion de Cuba 138-141 Friar Street RG1 1EX
Friday Night 4th: Revolucion de Cuba 138-141 Friar Street RG1 1EX

PARKING? Tuesday: On South Street parking is FREE after 8pm 
Wednesday: The Oracle Shopping Center has discounted parking after 6pm
Sunday The Oracle Shopping Center has discounted parking after 6pm
Friday:  The Oracle Shopping Center has discounted parking after 6pm

SWITCHING PARTNERS? We switch partners throughout the classes. We find this the best way to learn the how to partner dance. If you do not want to switch partners please inform the teacher.

SHOES? Dance shoes are not required when starting classes. Please wear lightweight shoes without grip that are easy to turn in. Ladies, we recommend wearing shoes you might go out dancing in. Ladies attending Intermediate advanced classes should consider wearing dance shoes.

WHERE CAN I BUY DANCE SHOES? Ladies, dance shoes do make a HUGE difference in your dancing. We highly recommend International Dance Shoes: use code DSSALJ001 for 15%. Are also recommend Larissa London. Locally we recommend Dancia in Caversham; mention Salsa Bachata Social Club or SalsaJennifer for 15% off.

ATTIRE? Wear whatever you are comfortable with! Many students come directly from work.

REFUND / EXCHANGE COURSES: Sorry no refunds, but you can exchange the ENTIRE COURSE before the start of a course. Once the course has started we cannot permit exchanges. PUNCHCARDS: unused classes can be given to another person.

FOLLOW vs LEAD vs COUPLE Course Registration Salsa & Bachata Partnerwork Classes require dancing in PAIRS aka COUPLES. We switch partners continuously throughout class. Attendees choose the ROLE of either LEAD(MALE) or FOLLOW(FEMALE). In order to keep class ratios as even as possible we need must know beforehand which ROLE you want to learn. Whichever ROLE you choose we ask you to PLEASE stick to it unless the teachers asks you if you would like to learn BOTH ROLES—class ratio permitting.

COUPLE = 1 LEAD & 1 FOLLOW – Usually 1 MALE and 1 FEMALE. 

If a FEMALE wants to join but does not have a partner (NO PROBLEM) we recommend she register as a INDIVIDUAL FOLLOW. Please DO NOT register as a COUPLE if you are 2 ladies who both want to FOLLOW.