Ladies Styling / Salsa Solo Classes

Now 7pm in a MIRRORED* ROOM at RISC! Please note we only have mirrors at RISC for these 4 weeks!

Are you unsure of your Ladies Styling Technique? Take your salsa to the next level by adding technique and refining your latin dance steps. This 8 week course will cover solo dance steps that can be used in both salsa and bachata.

Do you struggle with your TURNS and SPINS? Are you just not sure where to place your arms and hands? Learn how to move with grace, confidence and flow in fun environment open to growth.

This is 4 week course you will learn

  • Why you’re struggling to follow the guy… following technique
  • Why you feel unbalanced after a TURN… turn techniques
  • Body control thru foot placement and body positioning 
  • Adding the wow factor thru body rolls and waves
  • Exactly how to incorporate hand & arm styling
  • Solo dance patterns..

Through addressing fundamental techniques we can add MORE FLAVOUR to your DANCE.

In these structured 55 min sessions  we address different elements used in Salsa & Bachata … and much more!

If you are interested interested in joining the Student Showteam we highly recommend attending this 4 week course!

OPEN DAY – TUE 9 Jan – 7 pm ONLY £5
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Courses – Starts
£10 PAYG or £32 for 4 lessons / £64 8 Lessons
If taking MULTIPLE lesson per night, then you only pay £5 for the class!
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Spaces are limited! 

Please fill out the form below, you should hear from us within 1-2 days.

Choose as many as needed.
It's normal to feel some stress concerning your first dance. Many people do, but believe it or not some people don't! There is no need to feel embarrassed about your dance experience. I'm here to help.
This is a non paid student team. We would perform at different charity and community events and local dance parties.
We have free parking onsite
Testimonials, both video and written, help bring others to dance. And I truly appreciate them!

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Want to quickly fix something? Consider taking a PRIVATE LESSON at  £45 per hour (includes unlimited coffees, teas and biscuits ) for ! person or  £60 per hour for 3 ladies. Discounts when booking a block of 4 lessons

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Jennifer Benavidez is an international dance instructor originally from the US. She has taught, performed and competed in front of 1000s. Recently she won ‘Top Teacher’ honour at the San Francisco Bachata Dance Festival. She danced salsa on the Strictly Come Dancing 2016 Launch Show and you can see her on BBC 1’s  The Truth About Getting Fit teaching Micheal Mosley. Many of her students have gone onto performing, competing and teaching.  In the UK, she is one of the salsa coaches for Reading University, organises Salsa Bachata Social Club, and guest teaches for MamboCity(London). Her 30+ years of experience will get your booty moving & grooving!