Want to learn salsa FAST? Don’t have time to go to weekly classes to learn your basic steps? This 1-day intensive course is for you!

We are the only ones in the Reading area offering this totally immersion, day long courses.

A good foundation in your beginner levels is KEY to dance success. Many people go to instructors just to find they have learned poor technique and created bad habits. It takes weeks to ‘Unlearn’  these bad habits that can hinder you in the more advanced levels.

Jennifer Benavidez is an international dance instructor originally from the US. She has taught, performed and competed in front of 1000s. Recently she won ‘Top Teacher’ honour at the San Francisco Bachata Dance Festival. Many of her students have gone onto performing, winning competitions and teaching.  Her 18+ years of experience will get you started with a good foundation.

We would like to keep the number of men to woman (Leaders to Followers) ratio as close to even as possible. Thus we HIGHLY recommend you sign up with a dance partner.  HOWEVER if you would like to ENSURE that you have a partner we can assign you a partner for an additional fee.

11:00 – 5:30 pm  This includes 1-hour lunch and several breaks

Salsa-in-a-Day Intensive Course Part 1 & 2 – View Upcoming Dates

If a group class setting is not for you, then consider taking a Private Lesson
Contact Jennifer –  JenniferBenavidez@me.com for times and availability