Salsa Bachata Social Club won 3rd in the Spirit of Reading Carnival Team Competition.

A big THANK YOU to our corporate sponsors Vehicle Weighing Solutions and Rabbits Vehicle Hire!

BIG thank yous to DJ Ed from Red Hat Salsa, our stewards Matt, Valter, & Charles…  and to our setup crew Paul, Julian, Soren and Will!

And or course the DANCERS: Jennifer, Natalie, Asya, Tuli, Ana, Laura,Deniz, Phil, and Mihai!

We are already planning for 2018! More dancers, more feathers, more power, MORE FUN!

WE NEED YOU! It takes a whole team to make this a wonderful experience. If you want to VOLUNTEER or DANCE or COSTUME DESIGN…  WE NEED YOU!

Email us directly or sign up for the newsletter to know when we will host our information open day.

Be part of the fun in 2018!!!